The Bryk Family


 "accidentally" becoming a farmer...

Cory and Jenny met while he was finishing his service in the US Marine Corps and she had just returned from missions work in Thailand. Around this time, he learned the value of eating fresh, local and organic food. Jenny was dedicated to wellness through nutrition and cooking amazing food. However, they couldn’t afford to buy all their groceries from the farmer’s market or health food stores, so they figured that starting a garden would be the most economic way to have access to fresh, organic produce.

Soon, the items on their grocery list transformed to food that could be produced on a subsistence scale. They both enjoyed the challenge of growing their own food and the satisfaction of harvesting and eating food that they worked so hard to produce.

Working to feed his family and having studied Sustainable Development with a concentration in Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture, Cory felt it was his purpose in life to produce food that was good for people and not exploitative of the environment. Further, he wanted a job that allowed him to work from home and spend as much time with family as possible.

Becoming not just a gardener, but rather a full-time farmer was the only way Cory could fully capture his purpose and potential.


Our Farm

New Life Farm is a first generation family farm dedicated to producing food that is beneficial for people’s health and the environment where the food is produced.

The farm is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, between Boone and Lenoir, North Carolina. New Life Farm began operating as a small scale commercial farm in 2012, but its foundation was established years before. What started as our family's means to provide itself with access to fresh, quality, and nutritious food evolved into a farm business that seeks to solve economical, environmental, and social issues through the ethical production of wholesome food.

For three years, New Life Farm operated on leased land in Boone, NC. In 2015, we re-established the farm on its own land in Lenoir, North Carolina. Now, on our “forever farm,” we are always seeking to improve our food production to positively impact our community in a greater way. One of our goals is to create a community around our farm by building meaningful relationships with people who care about where their food comes from and how it is produced.


non-certified organic
fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers

We are currently not certified organic, but grow our crops using organic practices. We hope to be certified organic in the near future.


pasture and forest raised livestock,
including pigs, chickens, and turkeys

We use intensive pasture management in our livestock production and feed our animals local Non-GMO grains.

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